Rossi Clothiers will work with you to build your ideal wardrobe with permanent fashion in mind. What is Permanent Fashion? Permanent Fashion or Permanent Style is a timeless wardrobe made up of pieces that can withstand the test of time. Pieces that you'll wear as long as they fit and are in good repair, pieces that aren't so trendy that someone will be able to pinpoint the specific fashion trend or timeframe for when that "style" was "popular".

Wardrobe Consultations are by appointment only and require a minimum of 7 days booking time.

What to Expect -  We have a process.

  • We will conduct an initial consultation where we'll learn about you, your background, your profession, your leisure activities and why building a timeless wardrobe is important.
  • We will conduct an in home diagnosis of your wardrobe. We will visit your home to take stock of your current wardrobe, catalog the items you own, determine what needs to be removed, what is appropriate to keep and what additions are necessary.
  • We will design a customized action plan and assist you in implementation of that plan.