Designer clothing made in Italy's rich tradition of fine tailoring enhanced with the interpretations of fabrics and styles to achieve classic aesthetics. Corneliani's suits are engineered with the idea of providing comfort and durability at the same time. Difficult to believe? Only if you don't own one!


Why Purchase a Samuelsohn Suit or Sport Coat? Perhaps you're motivated by the one hundred and forty-six steps necessary to construct one of their jackets; on the other hand, the use of luxurious fabrics from the famous mills of Italy and England. Curious? Then experience the supple drapability of one of the world's finest garments by slipping on a coat!

Robert Talbott

A distinguished American Brand since 1950, the ties of Robert Talbott have set the gold standard for what it takes to re-captivate the luxury customer. Examine their sumptuous fabrics, keen eye for detail and impeccable taste. You will then realize nothing has been compromised to achieve the desired result. So, Enjoy the Compliments!

Peter Millar

Peter Millar is a lifestyle brand with its core philosophy predicated on a timeless style.  Almost every category of a man’s wardrobe is available through Peter Millar - Sportswear (especially golf apparel), suits, sport coats, dress shirts, ties, shoes, trousers, outerwear, etc. However, what separates Peter Millar from other labels is the perceived value versus the cost of the product.  The use of color and design for a modern interpretation of the classics is a Peter Millar hallmark.  Usually, this comes at a much higher cost to the consumer.  Affordability combined with quality and taste is a rare combination! 

Scott Barber

"A Slice of Classic Americana" - Devotees of Scott Barber's sportswear have grown accustomed to his traditional viewpoint expressed in a modern and understandable way. There is a certain self assurance regarding the comfortable fit and quality of his designs. The brand's popularity can be traced to a price versus value rationale that makes sense.


"Pants That Sell Themselves" - No doubt you are familiar with the old adage that the product should sell itself. Initially, you'll be drawn to the handsome fabrics and patterns available in Zanella trousers. The defining moment, however, occurs when you slide them on. Fit is everything!


Why purchase Gravati shoes hand made in Italy?  Your decision can be based on a number of reasons but paramount should be for fit and comfort.  Gravati, with its world-wide distribution, has found each country needs a different last (fit).  Accordingly, it addresses the American market with an appropriate fit.  Investing in Gravati shoes pays high dividends as evidenced by the offerings of timeless styles such as penny-loafers, wing-tips, cap toe, wing-tip and monk straps, styles only enhanced by the quality and uniqueness of the available leather options.


Whenever  you hear the phrase ‘German engineered and designed’, whether referring to cars or clothing, it instills a certain confidence in the integrity of the product.  Hence, Hiltl, the German trouser company adheres to the basic principles of meticulous tailoring, married with functional design and impeccable fit.  Their fabrics reflect the latest technological advances imbued with a color palette that is second to none!  The end result is a trouser that begs to be worn!


Paraboot is an internationally-renowned brand. The combination of elegance, comfort and solidity has won over sophisticated clients including Jean Reno, Bernard Giraudeau, Francis Huster, Vincent Lindon, Harrison Ford, George Clooney and Matt Dillon – along with Charlotte Rampling and Vanessa Paradis. And before them, a great many sportsmen and women and adventurers have also worn Paraboot shoes – among the first of whom was Paul-Emile Victor.

Seaward and Stearn

The surest way to elicit a compliment is to wear a beautiful tie.  Seaward & Stern London provides you a plethora of silk, wool, cotton and linen fabrics to choose from that will become ties.  The explosion of color and pattern reflects the influences of its British heritage.  Thus, you can make an unparalleled personal statement when you purchase one of their ties.


Robert Jensen

ROBERT JENSEN neckwear is imagined and designed on California’s Central Coast and realized by talented traditional artisans in Como, Italy, with passion, respect, and trust. Quite candidly, it's the best looking tie out there, that's why we carry it!

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